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Lecture Halls & Theatres

The lecture theatres and halls at the FEZ are designed specifically with conferences, seminars and large training events in mind but they can easily be adapted to accommodate exhibitions and demonstrations as well as large business meet-ups and cultural presentations.

A broad range of projects and events, in the form of workshops, competitions, courses and concerts, is also run by the Berlin State Academy of Music. Not only does the Academy offer artistic inspiration and learning to budding musicians but it also provides a location for music teachers, whether full-time or voluntary, to develop themselves and gain further qualifications. The FEZ also acts as a base for various clubs, organisations and bands, with its array of concert halls, stages and studios being perfect for hosting everything from low-key rehearsals to large performances.


Astrid Lindgren Theatre Hall
585 seats 
(including 60 movable chairs in the orchestra pit)
The main curtain between the front stage and the main stage serves as a safety curtain and this must remain the case at all times.

Stage size and technical equipment
Dimmer: 240 circuits (192 x 2.5kW; 48 x 5kW)
Console: Transtechnik Focus NT  cue record, effects, 20 submasters, control of intelligent lighting (moving heads) possible 
Lighting equipment: 
Various profile spotlights: Robert Juliat, Niethammer   
Moving heads MAC 500 and MAC 600   (ask for the lighting plan)     
Meyer Sound Line Array - 9 x M1D Top and 3 x M1DSub both right and left,  Centre: 5 x M1D Top     Mixer: Yamaha M7CL48, 48 channel, wireless microphone: 10 channel, Sennheiser Series S 2000 
Monitoring: 4 Renkus-Heinz Wedges mobile (passive),   Side fill Renkus-Heinz (stationary, from sides of stage)    
Projection: LCD data/video projector Sanyo PLC-XF 31 - 5000 ANSI lumens, resolution 1024x768   suitable for rear projection   LCD data/video projector Sanyo PLC-HF 10000   10000 ANSI lumens, resolution 2K (2048 x 1080)   suitable for front projection      Projection surface   motorised screen 14 x 6m   opera white


Cinema/Lecture Hall
139 seats
Projection: 2 x 35mm film projectors Meo 5
Video projection:
- Playback: VHS, S-VHS, DV, DVD
- Sound system: Digital Cinema Processor (Dolby)
 Sound: Speaker: Renkus Heinz
  Mixer: 16 channels, 4 groups, 6 aux-sends, various effects possible 
- recordings also possible 
Light: 6 circuits analogue

Concert hall
290 seats - including 140 seats with tables 
Stage: mobile stage made out of blocks is possible 
Picture: mobile projection (video) possible, sound / light according to requirements 
Sound: Speaker: Renkus Heinz
- Mixer: 16 channels, 4 groups, 6 aux-sends, various effects possible 
  (recordings also possible)
- Light: 
  mobile: up to 12 circuits 
  stationary: 6 circuits with 8 direct spotlights (not adjustable)

Puppet theatre
106m², 70 seats


Studio stage 
105m², 60 seats

Event Location

FEZ Berlin
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Straße zum FEZ 2
D-12459 Berlin