Tent Rental

The FEZ Berlin makes tents and marquees of various sizes available for holiday camps and other events aimed at children and young people. They can be borrowed for a small fee and we will try to accommodate all requests. 

This service, provided by the FEZ, is only possible thanks to the generous support of the Landesjugendamt für Bildung, Jugend und Sport (State Office for Youth Welfare, Education and Sport).

Available for loan are:
Tents measuring 5m x 4.70m (SG 20), tents measuring 10m x 5.70m (SG 50), camp beds


If you would like to apply for usage of our tents and marquees on behalf of your group for a youth event or holiday camp, then this can be done via the State Youth Office (Jugendeinrichtung des Senats), one of the Berlin district offices (Bezirksamt), your school or your voluntary youth group. You are not authorised to allow other parties to use the tents without our prior consent and failure to comply with this could lead to further action being taken. 
Please note: we do not intend to lend this equipment to private individuals.

We would ask that any applications for the Easter or Pentecost holidays are sent to us by post before 1st March in their original form and with a valid signature. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected as we have limited availability during this period.

To apply for the tents, simply send us an original headed letter or a letter with your sponsor's or group's stamp and inform us of the nature and location of the youth event for which the tents are intended. Please also specify a Berlin-based telephone number and address and don't forget to include an original signature.
We will then inform you about whether your application was successful depending on your required number of tents being available at the desired time. You will be charged the cost of replacements for any material that is not promptly returned after the event has finished.


If you need to cancel your request to borrow tent material, we would appreciate it if you could inform us one month before the order date for summer holiday events and 2 days before the order date at other times. For cancellations occurring at shorter notice, we charge an administrative fee totalling 10% of the payment that would have been due or €10 for payments under €100.


Subject to change!

SG 20
(5m x 4.70m)
Basic fee €20
SG 20In addition to the basic fee for each day of use €7,50
SG 20Fee for long-term use (calendar year) €287,50
SG 50
(10m x 5.70m)
Basic fee €25
SG 50In addition to the basic fee for each day of use €11,25
SG 50Fee for long-term use (calendar year) €437,50
Camp bedBasic fee - 4 daysper bed€3
Camp bedBasic fee - 5 to 10 daysper bed€4
Camp bedBasic fee - 11 to 20 daysper bed€5
Camp bedBasic fee - more than 21 days (long-term use or storage)per bed€6
BeddingBasic fee - 4 daysper set€3
BeddingBasic fee - 5 to 10 daysper set€4
BeddingBasic fee - 11 to 20 daysper set€5
BeddingBasic fee - more than 21 days (long-term use or storage)per set€6

Conditions of Use

The signing of a contract valid by civil law and the return of materials after the conclusion of the contract can only be undertaken by the borrower or a representative of the borrower who has the written permission of the borrower to do so.
During both the collection and the return of the materials the borrower or his representative must observe and participate in an inspection to ensure all materials are complete and undamaged.
The borrower agrees to take diligent care of the materials and ensure they are used solely for the purpose stated in the application.  
The borrower is responsible for returning the materials in a clean and dry condition as stated in this contract. Any damaged materials or damaged components of materials are to be reported along with the cause of the damage. Should the materials not be returned within the agreed time period, the borrower is liable to pay the daily fees as agreed upon in the contract for each day after the deadline during which the materials are not returned. 
The borrower is obliged to replace any lost materials or materials that become unusable due to damage caused during the time in which the materials are in the borrower's possession. Such losses or damage to material will not be covered by the lender's insurance.
The borrower shall not pass the materials on to third parties and is obliged to inform all those who use the materials in accordance with this contract about the terms of the contract. 

The information sheet about the rental of tent material, the terms of use and the care instructions about the tent must be acknowledged and followed. The materials shall only be handed over after proof of payment has been submitted.

Please note: this English version of the terms of use are for informational purposes only and in the event of disagreements, the original text in German shall apply.



Medical & Recreational Tents

SG 50 Tent
Floor Dimensions: 10 m x 5.64 m = 56.40 m²
Height: 1,73 m (2,50 m)
Weight: 131 kg
Volume: 0.58 m²

SG 20 Tent
Floor Dimensions: 5 m x 4.74 m = 23.70 m²
Height: 1,73 m (2,50 m)
Weight: 71 kg
Volume: 0.32 m²

First of all, the tent frame poles should be connected on the ground to the tent's crowns. The 3-way crowns go at the ends of the tent, while the 4-way crowns connect to the middle poles.
Next the side eaves rails (on the gable side) are connected to the roof beams. A square field is then built from beam to beam. Each field should be completed before the next one is constructed. The side supports remain unused for the time being.
At this point, the roof frame is still low enough to put on the tent's roof material. The roof covering should be unrolled, placed on the roof's ridge and pulled down to the side eaves rails.
The roof frame should then be lifted on one side with equal weight being distributed to the two side crowns. The side poles with base plates are then connected to the crowns and the roof covering is pulled down on this side. Once pulled down, the roof covering can be fastened to the base plates with the ratchet straps. These steps should then be repeated for the opposite side.

It's essential when fixing the tent material in place that the ground connections are not fastened too tightly. The fabric of the material needs to be loose enough so that it can still adapt to the shape of the frame if it takes on moisture.

The frame of the tent must be properly aligned before it is staked to the ground. In other words, the frame, which can expand and contract due to the elasticity of the poles and the weight of the tent material, should have the exact same dimensions as mentioned in the descriptions above. The entrance should close easily without the cords becoming too tight.
The round steel stakes should be driven through the slots in the base plates and the profiled blocks are for the rest of the test fixings.
On each corner of the tent are rings which are where the guy ropes should be fastened.
These guy ropes should only be used in stormy conditions however as they add significant tension to the tent material.


Tent Rental at the FEZ Berlin
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